Why The LR4 Is Perfect For Hockey Moms

Hockey Moms, everyone has heard of them, everyone knows one and chances are if you are a woman with kids and live in Minnesota, you are one. They key to being a good hockey mom is always being prepared. One sure way to always be prepared is to make sure you have the right vehicle. Don’t worry, no need to start the new car hunt, we have already done that for you. Keep reading to learn why the LR4 is the perfect vehicle for Hockey Moms.

Seats for the entire team

With stadium seating and room for seven adults, this spacious interior has more than enough room for your son or daughter and their teammates. With space to spare, you won’t have to worry about back seat shenanigans scratching your interior.

Keep them entertained

Add this optional package to your LR4 and your children won’t make a peep. Complete with two 8-inch video displays screens embedded in the back of the driver and passenger headrest and a dvd changer, we had the parent’s in mind with this feature. Also included are two WhiteFire wireless headphones, a remote control and input jacks for video games and MP3 players.

Cargo Space to the max

When you are a hockey mom on the go you need something to haul not just the kids, but their equipment too. The LR4 boasts a spacious 44.5 cubic feet in the cargo area. That is enough room for 7 stuffed standard hockey bags. Fold down the back row of seats and you have room for their hockey sticks too.

Slice the Ice

When Minnesota winter strikes, you won’t be the mom with the child stuck at home. Get to every match on time with the LR4’s heated windshield and windshield washer jets. For your comfort you will find a heated steering wheel and heated from and second row seats.

For more information on the LR4 give us a call at 763-222-2200 or schedule a test drive to see for yourself today.