How To Be A Car Genius: The Watering Can Dash Light

What is How To Be a Car Genius?

Many of us can admit that when it comes to automotive jargon, we aren’t exactly fluent. Somewhere between fuel caps and carbonators something gets lost in translation. How To Be a Car Genius is the secret decoder to the automotive language that you have been looking for.

No matter your level of experience, How To Be a Car Genius is for everyone looking to learn a little more about their vehicle. Whether you are shopping for your first car or you can change a tire faster than Mr. Firestone himself this guide is for you.

Sit back and prepare to become an automotive master as we tackle our first How To Be a Car Genius topic, The Watering Can Dash Light

Have you ever hopped in your car, started the ignition, looked at your dash and noticed a light that resembles a watering can? No, this is not some new technology feature reminding you to water your plants, this light is actually the oil pressure gauge and it means you are low on oil.

Being low on oil is not good and is a quick way to burn up your engine. However, there is no need to panic. If this light appears when you are on the road, pull over as soon as it is safe to do so. If the light show up when you first start your car, turn you vehicle off and follow these few simple steps.

1 First, you need to locate your vehicle’s oil reservoir. Open your hood and look for the oil cap. The cap will probably have the same symbol as your dash and might even be labeled “oil.”

2 Next you need to unscrew the cap and check the oil level. To do this, see where the oil level hits on the dipstick. If the oil reaches the highest tick mark, your oil levels are fine and you have time to schedule a service appointment to find out what else could be signaling the oil pressure light.

If the oil level on the dipstick is low, you can choose one of two options. You can drive to your nearest auto store, buy oil and top your vehicle’s oil off yourself, or if you aren’t feeling the DIY vibe, you can give the team at Luther Infiniti of Bloomington a call at 952-888-5555 and let our trained technicians handle the job.

3 IMPORTANT: If there is barely any oil visible on the dipstick, your engine is in serious need of oil. Don’t run the risk of burning up your engine by continuing to drive. Instead call in a favor and have a friend bring you some engine oil. When the oil arrives, fill up your vehicle and you are ready for the road again.

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