Top 12 Reasons You Love Your VW

If you are a Volkswagen owner then you know the feeling of driving a Volkswagen is unlike anything else. If someone were to ask you why you love driving a Volkswagen so much it would be hard to pick just one reason.

Let’s be honest, it is impossible to choose just one reason that makes driving a Volkswagen so great. Driving a VW is an experience, an experience formed by a combination of reasons that make Volkswagens the best vehicle on the road We could list all the reasons, but that would turn into a 99 part blog series, Instead we have picked our top 12 reasons why you love driving your Volkswagen.

1. Heidi Klum has been known to own three different Volkswagens and is an ambassador for the brand. Basically it’s hard not to feel like a supermodel when you are driving your VW.

model animated GIF


2. With MSRPs starting as low as $18,780 the low Volkswagen’s low price tags will have you feeling like you just won the jackpot.

dancing animated GIF



3.  That feeling you get when someone asks you to drive.dancing animated GIF



4. Nothing beats driving with the convertible top down and feeling the wind in your hair. cat animated GIF



5. And then you remember that you have long hair and that convertibles and your long locks never mix well.

hair animated GIF



6.  But you keep driving anyway because jamming out with your friends with the top down is worth every knotted tangle you will have to brush out later tonight. britney spears animated GIF



7.  Jennifer Lawrence drives a Volkswagen EOS and who doesn’t aspire to be Jennifer Lawrence when they grow up? jennifer lawrence animated GIF


(we love you too, J-Law)


8. The killer gas mileage on every Volkswagen model has you like this. news animated GIF



9. You secretly hope that one day you discover that your VW is actually the modern Herbie. film animated GIF



10.  Any time you have to go some where you get excited because that means you get to drive your Volkswagen.excited animated GIF



11.  But then on days when you don’t have anywhere to go you are overcome with grief.lost animated GIF



12. So you walk out to your Volkswagen and just sit inside it. Then you remember how awesome your VW is and everything is right with the world again. beyonce animated GIF


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